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5 Home Renovation Tips That Are Guaranteed To Save You Money

A home renovation, whether completed as a DIY project or completed by professionals should be done with a budget in mind. We all have grand plans and ideas of what we want our homes to look like, but overstepping the boundaries of your budget will only lead to serious disappointment. Of course, having a budget, whether tight or not, shouldn’t be a deterring factor in renovating your home. Your home renovation can be completed even on a dime, so we have compiled home renovation tips that will save you money!

home renovation tips

 1. Salvage Whenever Possible

It may seem pretty self-explanatory, but many homeowners undertake a renovation project only to remove all appliances and existing fixtures. Sure, purchasing new cabinets or a brand new bathtub is an ideal situation, but if you can freshen up current fixtures, there’s no reason to throw them out. Kitchen renovations tend to be the most expensive since homeowners automatically throw out cabinets without considering how they can be salvaged through resurfacing.

     2. Swap Materials

There are thousands of flooring as well as material options when choosing supplies to purchase for your renovation. It may seem like a good idea to splurge on expensive laminate or marble countertops, but is it really worth the added expense? It’s important to remain level-headed during your renovation project and understand the difference between a good investment or something you just strongly desire.

3. Purchase Secondhand

Not all of your renovation supplies need to be brand new! In fact, you can salvage lumber and other fixtures from older homes or find materials in a salvage yard. Some items such as windows are better purchased new, but you can reuse vintage tiles, flooring or even doors. Don’t overlook how you can resurface or utilize something older as there are plenty of clever ways to incorporate secondhand items into your renovation project.

4. Do A Surface Renovation

When you decide on a renovation project, don’t necessarily gut the area and start from scratch. It’s not only unnecessary in most cases, but extremely costly as well. A surface renovation can breathe new life into old fixtures and doesn’t require you to deal with plumbing or foundational problems that weren’t present before. Of course, if your home has mold or other damage, it will need to be dealt with, but never take apart something that can work.

5. Hire Professional Help

It may seem counterintuitive to hire a professional contractor to save money, but in some cases doing so can save money or at least help you break even. Home renovation costs can add up, especially when you factor in trial and error as well as the purchase of tools and equipment.

Hopefully, our home renovation tips above will help you make wise choices the next time you look to update your home. A renovation project is by no means an easy task, which is why you should think about ways you can make it more affordable.

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